Let's make government

Let's make government

SeamlessGov empowers governments to go paperless and deliver better online services for citizens and staff.
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Easily transform your PDFs and forms into online services.

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Service Center

An easy-access interface to find the forms and resources your citizens need.
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The GRM®

Say hi to the Government Relationship Manager, a tailor-made CRM for governments.
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Quickly create robust web forms or convert PDFs into online versions.
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Save more time and resources.

Every government should be working to take their services online. Going paperless can make a world of difference.

Increased revenues

Streamlined online forms & payments can mean up to 30% more in fees. Finally, a way to accept payment on top of your existing PDFs.


Error reduction

Incorrectly-filled forms can become a nightmare for everyone involved. With data validation, there are no more handwriting issues or missing fields.


Time reduction

Like TurboTax, with more Turbo and less Tax. SeamlessGov reduces time to complete and processing time by up to 80%.

The Seamless Mountain

In SeamlessGov we trust.

SeamlessGov was designed with the input of hundreds of governments. It’s no surprise they believe in what we do.

Anissa Di Vincente

Culver City, CA
In terms of the platform, SeamlessGov has made leaps and bounds in just the last couple months. I look forward to seeing how you continue to make it better. We keep finding more and more things to put into the system to improve the way the forms work.
5 Stars!

Paul Allena

Technology Coordinator
Somerville, NJ
A citizen's time is valuable. If they're on the train an hour and can get stuff done in that time (by filling out a SeamlessDoc) then that achievement - that technology enables - is so important to me as a government professional.
5 Stars!

Shawn Proffitt

Corporate Web Manager
Charlotte, NC
Once our staff realized they could drag and drop — and that they could do it in minutes — they began looking for things to build!
5 Stars!

Kyle Edwards

IT Administrator
Lee County, Charlotte, NC
I am finding new forms to convert every day. I find myself being proactive with forms now, whereas before SeamlessDocs I would dread a form conversion request, imagine that! I get excited now when people ask if their form can become a SeamlessDoc.
5 Stars!

Leslie Giltner

Customer Service Manager
Town of Gilbert, AZ
With this new form (the Auto-Pay form for utility bills), SeamlessGov paid for itself within the first couple months, in staff savings alone.
5 Stars!

Gary Zuckerberg

Town Administrator
Town of Rye, NY
Working with SeamlessGov has been a totally Seamless experience. They are knowledgeable, cooperative, and it's been a true pleasure working with such professionals.
5 Stars!

Timothy Dolehanty

County Controller/Administrator
Ingham County. MI
For me, the fact that you can have all these unique forms and processes, and can download every one of them into a spreadsheet is a game changer.
5 Stars!

Seth Wainer

Chief Information Officer
Newark, NJ
Implicit in the belief that "Government is Beautiful" is the real riddle of how do we go from where we are, to the future - legally, effectively and without breaking too much stuff along the way. It's a vision.
5 Stars!
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