Demand Generation Lead

New York, NY

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About You:

You’re the go-to-person for developing a robust, sustainable and scalable pipeline of leads:

  • You KNOW Demand Generation and Have PROVEN Results. You have 3+ years experience garnering, nurturing and qualifying leads and optimizing marketing activities for large or quickly growing organization(s).
  • You’re Process Oriented. You love it when things work well, are as efficient as possible, and appreciate repeatable activities that beget predictable results.
  • You’re Passionate: you come to work for more than a paycheck. You come to work because you believe in a certain mission.

You're admired by colleagues:

  • You "Roll Up Your Sleeves". You love doing everything from ideation to execution. You're not afraid to dive head first into processes and projects, learn something new and/or become the resident expert.
  • You’re Great at Prioritization as well as Time and Self Management. You know how to balance immediate and long term needs.
  • You’re a Problem Solver and Don’t Believe in the Word “Can’t”. You’re not deterred when things go wrong. Instead, you’re determined to make things better than ever.

About the Role:

We’re looking for someone who will help our sales team scale and improve our top-of-funnel. Your main KPI will be # of opportunities sourced. It’s more than lead generation. It’s opportunity generation. We want to talk to prospects that are interested in our solution.

Responsibilities include:

  • Obtain new contact information for prospective leads
  • Research new channels to market through
  • Create new campaign workflows in Hubspot and Salesforce (working with RevOps)
  • Be our power user for all things Hubspot
  • Keeper of all marketing & sales collateral that will be used within campaigns.
  • Develop new creative ideas for campaigns that will help drive demand.
  • Work with outside marketing agencies to create new content
  • Work closely with sales reps and revenue operations team
  • Track campaign performance and build reports to share with leadership
  • Facilitate an effective feedback loop between sales, rev-ops, success & leadership
  • Creating unique campaigns to help drive demand (not just email & social campaigns)
  • Manage all logistics of an effective marketing campaign. This includes steps like:
      • Campaign design
       • Content generation (collateral, blogs, infographics, case studies, email copy for email campaigns)
       • Stakeholder training & communication
       • Campaign performance reporting

Required Experience:

A successful candidate needs to have strong and substantive experience in several of the following:

  • Minimum 3 Years of SaaS Demand Generation Experience. Your main KPIs should have include generating leads/opportunities.
  • Advanced proficiency in:
       • Hubspot
       • SalesForce
  • Advanced understanding of Account Based Marketing & Sales
  • Working directly with a sales team

Preferred Experience:

A successful candidate will likely have strong and substantive experience in several of the following:

  • Government or Public Sector Marketing or Sales- You’ve worked with state & local government as your prospects
  • Proficiency in Mixmax
  • Proficiency in Webflow

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