We know government websites better than anyone else.

SeamlessDocs offers comprehensive solutions for your website initiatives. We believe that interacting with a government should be a beautiful experience.

Meet our CMS

We give you the power of one of the easiest point and click CMS tools on the web. Then we back you with infrastructure trusted by the best government websites in the world.

Powerful tools that understand your unique needs.

Our tools have been built with government for government and understand your unique needs.

Your branding and content

Our team of designers factor in your colors, logos, seals and branding for you. We convert all your existing content to your new site.

Tag Management

Accessible, powerful and secure

All of our sites look beautiful on every device: cell phones, tablets and desktops big and small. We automatically optimize all images uploaded to ensure a fast and elegant experience.

Citizen Portal

Licensing and permit solutions

We  obsessed over the user experience of applying for a permit or license. Citizens and businesses can get the info they need and then easily apply online. For SeamlessDocs subscribers we can also provide complete back office workflow.

User Management

Employee directory

Create a public and or private directory of your staff. Easily create a simple directory or automatically create beautiful profile pages for each member of your team.

Map Visualization

Citizen knowledge base

We include a convenient knowledge base that can offer answers to commonly asked questions as well as other citizens information.

Workflow Stages

Analytics dashboards

We use the open source analytics dashboard created by 18F. Gain insight into how people are really using your website. What pages are people visiting most? How often and what time of day? On what device or browser?

World class features

Secure hosting
Secure hosting

We automatically create backups of your website you can restore with a click. Your latest site is always saved.

99.9% uptime
99.9% uptime

Never worry about being down again. Our system has multiple hosting redundancies and rests on hyper-secure AWS servers.

Consistent design
Consistent design

We built the site with advanced style guides meaning any new content will always look pretty.

Powerful search
Powerful search

Enable your citizens to find what they are looking for even faster with real time indexing and search.

Multi-user management
Multi-user management

We have multi user management so you can have multiple collaborators with different permissions.

Style guide
Style guide

We provide you with a useful guide to make sure your new website stays lean and efficient.

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