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Sort & Filter

Once you collect the information you can easily sort and filter your results based on criteria you select.  You can also export your results at any time. Don’t forget we can sync your data in real time with your cloud provider or existing database.

Email, Assign & Tag

You can use SeamlessDocs to email people directly from the submission pipeline to keep track of messages.  For multi users you can control who accesses what data with assignments. And don’t forget to tag informations for easy processing.

Monitor & Track

Once you convert your PDF into a SeamlessDoc you can easily keep track of when it is clicked, viewed and submitted in real time. In addition, we even store crucial information about when and where it is submitted. You can even add Google Analytics directly to any SeamlessDoc for advanced tracking.


You will be able to understand how and how frequent your forms are being used.  You can even optimize questions and flow to increase conversion. The real time insight will allow you to make better data drive decisions.


As an administrator, you can finally be able to see how your employees are interacting with forms. You will have real time access to information to make sure that docs and forms are being used properly.

Sleep Right

SeamlessDocs backs up all data every night to make sure there is never any loss. In addition, we use state of the art security and cryptography to make sure your data integrity and privacy are never compromised.