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SeamlessDocs is looking to hire an Account Executive to join us in generating revenue by signing up new government customers in the SMG Market, (Small Medium Size Local Government) and working with the SDR team to generate new opportunities and support pipeline.
The public sector software market is a $170 billion market growing by over 10% year over year. Come learn about this lucrative and differentiated industry.


  • As a Solutions Consultant, you will help governments uncover problems associated with the status quo. You will challenge the way they currently do business and prove to them that there is a more efficient and effective solution.
  • You will demystify the notion that enterprise wide software implementation costs millions in services in order to successfully implement. You will remove the dependence on technical resources in order to implement technology.
  • You will demo the SeamlessDocs platform to groups of buyers, both business and technical stakeholders. You will be a disruptor. Cities like New York & Denver didn’t know they could solve their problems in such a quick and cost efficient way until they talked to a Solutions Consultant. You will educate and guide our prospects through the evaluation process.
  • Pipeline management and development.
  • Salesforce CRM management, documentation, reporting, etc.
  • Your focus will be small & medium size local agencies, which includes local municipalities less than 150,000 population. This makes up over 80% of all local government. Most importantly, you will change the way government works. You will help make Government Beautiful and improve online services for millions of citizens.

Required Experience (One or more of the below):

  • 2 years of SaaS tech sales experience
  • 5 years of general sales experience
  • 3 years mid level manager experience

Preferred Experience:

  • Obtain new contact information for prospective leads
  • Consulting experience
  • Public sector business development
  • Public administration

Preferred Skills:

  • Obtain new contact information for prospective leads
  • Storytelling: the ability to keep listeners engaged. knowing one's audience.
  • CRM: the ability to use CRMs to manage accounts and opportunities. Ideally Salesforce.
  • Google Apps familiarity and proficiency
  • Problem Solving: the ability to be creative and consider all angles when trying to solve problems
  • Multi-tasking: the ability to manage a number of different tasks at once in an efficient manner.
  • Time Management: can they manage their own time? Are they self aware of their time allocation.
  • Interest in impacting local government in a positive way.

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